- Derived from the provincial seal of the province where the municipality of Sadanga belongs
- Symbol of community protection
 LEAVES encircling the logo
 - Symbol of life and hope
 BIRD hovering
 And the blue horizon
 - Symbol of peace (and love of freedom)
  Fixed on a wood
 - Symbol of Ator/settlement/gathering (adherence/loyalty to Indigenous culture & Institutions)
 - Symbol of fayash (traditional organic wine) 
- (symbol of native industries for sweetener and locally brewed spirits)
 - Symbol of rice wine being fermented for the family and community gathering
- (symbol of healthy local trading relationship with foreigner)
 MAN pounding rice
- Symbol of hardworking natives and the best quality of rice they produce (finaya)
 MOUNTAINS and the rice terraces
 - Symbol of beautiful culture, philosophy of the people
* Mountains
- Abundant life support system from its Ancestral Domain
* Rice Terraces
- Agricultural ingenuity of the people as astute agronomist
- Symbol of Christian community longing (working together) for peace and progress.
- Symbol of gratefulness & joy after hard work produce
* Sun
- Divine blessings and spiritual awareness of an Almighty Being
* Gongs
- Celebrations in grateness from successful endeavors
- The meandering sounds of the gongs reverberates the bond of our past and present generations link across time and connected by a living culture that echoes through the ages.
 NATIVE WEAVING used as backdrop
- Symbol of Sadanga native garment (from local weaves and design)

“All in all, the logo captures the Sadanga municipality vision/Mission