• 2020 Protection of water source at Mainit
  • 2020 Protection of water source at Mainit
  • 2020 Protection of water source at Mainit
  • 2020 Protection of water source at Mainit


a. Protection of water source thru resolution to discontinue tourism activities by non - local tourists at Fowaas Falls during the Municipal Tourism and Cultural Heritage Conservation Council Meeting on February 14, 2020;

b. Protection of Adod Watershed ( Mainit boundary with Sacasacan, Belwang)
i. Monitoring of Activities at Farnek Mines and Dialogue with Mainit on Continued Watershed Protection:
1. Sept 7: Visitation of Farnek Mines / Ocular Inspection with barangay officials of Mainit and Sadanga barangays--- 10 - 15 days "pawayway" for confirmed miners to process their ores and vacate the area;
2. Sept 15: Meeting at CENRO;
3. Sept 22: at OMM, review of items taken during meeting with CENR0; (Mainit delegation absent);
4. Sept 26: Crafting of the Inter-Barangay Agreement for the Maintenance and Preservation of the Natural State of Water Table and Watershed within the Areas of Adod, Namagayan, Kiyom, Fay-engan, Kaykay (Tokotok), Sherkan, Foshaw, Maguron, Farnek during the Dialogue between Mainit, Bontoc and Sadanga barangays (Sacasacan, Demang, and Poblacion) held at Mainit, Bontoc;

ii. Assignment of 8 Sadanga forest guards to conduct patrol works at Adod and vicinities to avoid further forest destruction thru Memorandum of CENRO dated September 24, 2020 thru the vigorous endorsement of the joint resolution of the 3 barangays which includes the request for the deployment of deputized forest rangers at the community watershed, explication of the watershed situation and the cases of during the meeting with CENRO officials on September 15, 2020 at the Mayor's office, other requests were put forward, waiting for concerned people to materialize / work it out;